Boat Share Benefits Compared To Owning Outright

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Business

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Owning a boat provides many advantages. You can go out on the water whenever you want, organise some mates together for the weekend, take the family on a holiday, relax and unwind almost anytime you want, or even take clients out for some entertainment. While you’ll note a variety of advantages to owning boats, you’ll also see a lot of disadvantages, such as caring for and maintaining the boat, storing it, repairing it and others.

The Boat Share

If you’ve already decided you don’t want a vessel of your own because of all the hassles (and cost), a boat share could be an alternative. You still get almost all of the benefits associated with ownership, but without the disadvantages.

Typically, vessel owners spend about one full month on the water, meaning that the rest of the time (approximately 11 months), it’s not used. That’s why there can be so many maintenance issues and repairs. However, with a boat share, you only pay for what you use, though you will still likely pay part of the maintenance.

Walk On/Off

The management company you choose, such as Luxury Boat Syndicate, will make sure that everything is perfect and ready for your voyage. All you have to do is show up and get on the boat to enjoy yourself. This means that the vessel is cleaned, fuel tanks are full, and you’ve got fresh linens on the bed. All you have to do is bring your personal effects, food, beverages and whatever gear you need.


Boats can be small enough to transport using a powerful vehicle and a trailer, but the hassles of such are too much for regular users. Boat shares ensure that your vessel has a place to stay when it’s not used so that you can enjoy a carefree ownership.

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