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by | Sep 19, 2016 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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Franchise lawyers practice law just like other lawyers, but they handle a specialised area of the law that deals with investments and owning a franchise. They usually offer legal services that include reviewing disclosures, negotiating contracts and may even negotiate leases for retail locations.

Likewise, the franchise lawyer can help companies expand or sell more franchises to others to run as they see fit. These attorneys will draft disclosure documents, agreements, registration and more. It is important to understand that not all countries will require registration and other needs.

Finding Someone

The first step is to find a franchise lawyer that you trust and like, such as V.S. George Lawyers. Primarily, it’s best to find one and start using their services early on because they will be able to help you understand the laws governing your area when it comes to franchising.

Their education will likely include traditional law, as well as the specialty of franchises. However, it may also be prudent to choose someone with a business background, as franchise law deals with both legal matters and business needs. Likewise, you may be able to go one step further and find lawyers with franchising experience (owning or buying).

Questions To Ask

The first question to ask your potential lawyer is whether the practice is devoted to franchise law or if they deal with other legal issues, such as bankruptcy, divorce and the like. If they do focus primarily on franchises, ask them how long they’ve done this exclusively.

You may also want to determine how many disclosure documents they’ve drafted or reviewed since their inception, as well as their experience information. You may also want to know their experience with representing franchising companies, as well as individuals who want to purchase a franchise to ensure they can cover both ends of the spectrum.

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