A Quick Guide to Aluminium Gates

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Screen Store

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The popularity of aluminium gates is at an all-time high and if we consider the benefits of aluminium fencing, it is easy to see why. Wooden and wrought iron gates can’t compete when it comes to strength and durability. Aluminium fencing is lightweight and easy to install while being sturdy enough not to bend or break over time.
One of the additional perks of aluminium gates is that they can be painted with powder coating to complement any landscape design and prevent rusting. In contrast, wrought iron can rust over time and frequently demands costly replacement. On the other hand, wood can easily rot and fade, particularly in the Australian climate. Aluminium gates are low maintenance and easily cleaned with a hose or damp cloth,
Although ornate and eye-catching, wrought iron gates are infamous for their hefty price tag. Wood can cost less but aluminium gates are the most cost-effective option, especially when you compare the long term maintenance costs. From a security perspective, decorative wrought iron is often crafted with patterns that intruders can use as footholds. Aluminium slats can be spaced close together so that they cannot be climbed.
SP Screens offers Xcell brand aluminium gates and privacy screens that are suitable for modern homeowners who want privacy and aesthetic appeal. Your Xcell aluminium gates and fencing can be customised to any size, spacing, and style. SP Screens also offers many colour options, as well as a wood-like finish for those who want the aesthetic of wood combined with the durability of aluminium.

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