Aluminium Screen Doors: The Benefits

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Screen Store

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If you’re like most homeowners, you want to be able to open the house up when it gets warm so that you can let in the sunshine and catch the breeze. However, opening your home to insects and thieves isn’t likely what you had in mind, though it is a possibility without aluminium screen doors. The door acts as a barrier because it has a screen in place, and the entire ‘glass pane’ area of the door can be a screen. Some designs are durable enough not to need mid-rails, which means you don’t have the annoying bar blocking part of your view.

Aluminium screen doors keep out bugs and other pests because the mesh isn’t large enough for bugs to get through. Therefore, you can leave the large front door open while protecting your house. That way, you can have the sounds from outside, as well as the breeze and sunlight, thereby reducing your energy bill. Along with such, the screen can have a three-point locking mechanism installed on it, which means you can leave the door open while still keeping intruders at bay. It’s safer that way, and it ensures that you feel safe while the door is open.

CommandeX offers a variety of products to help you feel comfortable and safe in your home. Aluminium screen doors are suitable for people on a budget who still want to be safer. The structural-grade aluminium is resistant to corrosion, and you can have a three-point locking system installed on the door, though it doesn’t come standard. It also provides great insect protection and a sleek design. You can also have a pet door installed. However, the aluminium door is not considered security grade standard unless it has the three-point lock, though it has passed five different tests, such as impact testing and anti-jemmy tests.

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