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Vergola: What It Is And Alternatives

Most homeowners have heard of the Vergola brand, which is a louvre roof system that allows you to create an enclosed space or at least have a roof over your head while you are outside enjoying yourself. It is designed to open and close (usually with a remote control operation) so that you can open it for sunlight or airflow or close it to keep the rain off yourself and your furniture. While most people think that they must get the name brand, many companies offer similar options, which can be less expensive and just as durable.

Vergola and its alternatives are designed to last, and they are all made in Australia. It uses aluminium with stainless steel fixings so that you don’t have to worry about corrosion and can ensure that the roofing system is stable. The louvres are designed in such a way to create an air gap that insulates what is underneath. Therefore, you can keep the covered area cooler. Plus, the louvres interlock when closing so that it creates a tighter seal, ensuring that water from the rain doesn’t easily get into the space below. The same applies to light control; you can keep out all the light or let in some of it depending on how much you close the louvres.

SP Screens offers a louvre roof system similar to the Vergola brand. It is electronically controlled and allows you to control your environment and light. The products are designed for style and quality and to withstand all the Australian elements. Therefore, you get a 10-year warranty on the louvre roof system. Plus, the roof is custom-made to meet your specifications and can be bespoke with a variety of colours and configurations. You’ll wonder why it took so long to decide to install one when you realise how easy they are to use and how well they control your space.