Non-Toxic Damp Proofing – Protect Your Property From Rising Damp

by | May 26, 2016 | Home Improvement Services

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You’ve probably put a lot of thought into your home. You’ve upgraded the décor and added things, such as gardens and focal points. However, most people don’t realise the problem of rising damp and that it can cause a lot of property damage. It is up to you to protect your home, but understanding the different damp proofing options can be challenging.


Most people try to fix the problem with DPC, which can be an excellent alternative to chemicals. However, it may not be enough, and it may be recommended that you use chemicals. However, chemicals are never safe in a home environment with families and pets. Pressure is usually used for chemical processes, which means they can cause a big mess that must be cleaned up before you can live in the home again.

Non-Toxic Options

There are a few environmentally-friendly options, but most still involve the use of creams and chemicals. They won’t be under pressure, so they’re easier to use, but can still be problematic for those who don’t want chemical treatments.

Aquapol Australia has come up with an ingenious device that uses no chemicals or harsh products. The method uses transmitting antennas with no mechanical parts. The energy is transmitted through the antennas to your environment. It can work for areas of up to 250 square metres and doesn’t use electromagnetic fields or electricity.

Because the moisture rises in your walls through a capillary action, the device works by forcing the water to descend to basement level or the lowest level of your home. This will cause the wall to dry out and remain dry as long as the device is in place.

All of the walls within the device’s range will redirect water to the lowest level and out of the walls or floors.

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