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What You Should Know About Queen Size Mattresses

Many people enjoy the larger size of queen-size mattresses because it allow for more comfortable sleep and it’s big enough to accommodate anyone. But you may be wondering what it is and why it’s different than other options.

It is important to understand that mattresses come in five sizes, including twin, queen, double, king, and Cal King (California King). The twin is the smallest size, while the double is a little larger. Queen and king sizes are next, and the Cal King is a little smaller in width but longer, which works well for extremely tall people.

What Is It

The Queen size mattress, found at Save aLot Beds, is considered the queen of all mattresses. It is one of the largest options available on the market. Standard sizes are 60 inches by 80 inches, though you can sometimes find Olympic Queen beds that are six inches wider.

It allows for enough space for individuals and couples, and it won’t take up as much room in the bedroom as would a King. If you want a full-size mattress and are pressed for space, a queen could be the answer you seek.

It also works well for those who like to sprawl across the bed or move around a lot while sleeping. You won’t risk falling off the edge, and will still get comfortable no matter your sleeping preferences.

Likewise, bedding for these mattresses may be cheaper than King size options, meaning it can be used in guest rooms and master bedrooms alike.

What To Know

The one caveat is that the mattress is larger, which means it could be harder to get into your home, especially if you live in an apartment complex. If you live alone and have no one to help you move it, you may find it impractical.