Garden Studios – Creating The Optimal Working Environment

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Home Improvement Services

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What is a studio? It’s one of those words that can mean different things to different people. It has Latin roots (stadium – meaning ‘zeal or painstaking application’ and is obviously linked to the word “study”). Its more traditional usage covers areas of artistic endeavor (such as painting or sculpture) and is where such artists carry out their art. This meaning has been enlarged to cover other artistic fields and places where music and dance may be practiced or learnt. Meaning has been further enlarged to include the likes of movie, TV, radio and recording studios.

However, we also use the word in a real estate connection to describe a somewhat small apartment – a studio flat. Here, we are looking at garden studios and how they can be used to create an optimal working environment. If you are an artist or musician, having your own studio in your own garden would, indeed, be useful. But, is that the end of the story?

Creating More Covered Space

In the same way that a studio could be a small flat with enough space to eat, relax, sleep and wash in, duplicating this in your own backyard might have many advantages. If, for whatever reason, we do not have enough rooms within our house to carry out all the indoor activities that we wish to engage in, there could well be a case for having a garden studio.

Maybe you would only want to use it as a place where you can learn to play guitar without disturbing the rest of the household or, alternatively, you might want it as a place for someone to live in that is reasonably self contained but close by. Accommodation for temporary house guests for example or a more permanent flat for granny to live in.

Purely Residential Or Work Related

These days, a growing number of people work from home either as self employed or on a permanent job basis. Usually such work relies heavily on computers and the internet and it often requires those involved to be working outside of normal waking hours. It may not be convenient for others in the household if these people work in one of the rooms inside the main house. Studio space in the garden can provide the ideal solution in such cases.

Greenwood Homes & Granny Flats supply a wide range of structures that can be utilised as Garden Studios – Creating the Optimal Working Environment for those who install them.

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