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Doorknobs – An Inexpensive Decorating Solution

Decorating the home or business environment doesn’t have to be a tedious or time-consuming task. In fact, you can make an impact and set a statement by simply updating the interior with small details, such as doorknobs. A cost-effective choice, doorknobs and handles will add a modern or classic touch to the most basic of doors, windows, cupboards and storage. The installation of doorknobs is something that a trusted handyman will be able to do for you but before you call in the experts, make sure the person performing the job boasts the following characteristics and services.

Access to Tools

Not every job will be the same and for this reason, the handyman you hire for the installation of doorknobs should have a diverse selection of tools to choose from. Some common tools that will be required for doorknob fitting include hammers, tape measures, saws, screws, a screwdriver and a hammer. Doing a little bit of research will work in your favour, because it means that you can find a handyman who uses quality tools manufactured by the best brands. After all, it’s not just the person you hire for the job but also, their access to tools, materials and protective equipment.

Wide Range of Doorknobs

You might not think that you require a guide to find the right doorknobs when decorating the home, but it does actually help. Being prepared for the shopping process will ensure that you don’t overspend and waste time buying something that is not suitable. A number of things will come into play during the decorating process, such as checking the backset, assessing the bore hole and cross bore size, as well as the door thickness. Standard latch types include rounded corner latches, square corner latches and drive-in latches. Ask the person performing decorating duties if they can offer door hardware in the form of hall and closet doorknobs, dummy doorknobs and privacy doorknobs.

Licenses and Insurance

The next important step you will take when hiring someone to fit new doorknobs on the inside of your commercial or residential premises is finding a company that employs a licensed and insured team. Licenses required by a decorator will show that they are certified in the trade. They should have participated in a course or a program of some kind and be insured, so that your hand is kept steady and that they are covered in the event that something goes wrong.

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