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Termite Control – Is It a Disaster or Just Average?

Most people associate termites with wood, because these insects breed and form colonies, before chewing through heaps of wood. Although wooden furniture, structures and dead trees are favoured foods for these critters, the environment also plays a role in whether or not they choose to invade a space. Should you reside in a property that sees minimal or no sunlight, there is a chance that termites may escape the exposure of the great outdoors and develop in your cozy little home. With so many different species of termite to look out for, many homeowners are unaware of the severity of an infestation. So, before you get in touch with Pink Pest Services, familiarise yourself with some subterranean termite attack information.

Structural Damage and Safety

Whether it is your porch, attic or basement, termites may cause a great deal of structural damage to wooden areas, which can result in accidents or safety hazards. If you are the owner of a business, it is even more important that you hire a termite control expert, because you will be responsible for keeping the people in your property free from harm. Should an accident occur after you have neglected pest control services, you will be held liable. Keep this in mind to ensure safety remains at its height.

Dealing with Termite Bites

While termite bites may not be as itchy or irritable as mosquito bites, they are still not very desirable, if they occur, that is. The chances of a termite biting a human are very low. After all, with so much wood to chew through, why would they bother? However, these insects may attack other insects.

Chemical VS Non-Chemical Treatments

Barrier treatments are common and may involve a chemical solution being injected into wood. Non-toxic termite control (such as heat and cold solutions) will not harm the environment or affect health.