Storing Workplace Materials Can Be Safer With Safety Cabinets

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Business

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When working with various materials, it is imperative to store them safely. Your workplace safety plan should include information about how to store the various items that you use frequently. Proper storage options can also increase productivity and reduce workplace accidents.

Specific Requirements

Some items, such as flammable liquids, will require particular requirements when it comes to storing them. You’ll likely need specialty safety cabinets, which are usually bright yellow and made of steel or other flame-resistant material. They will also require proper ventilation so that any explosive vapours don’t collect inside and cause a fire or explosion.

Other materials that require specialty storage options include acetylene and oxygen used in welding and cutting operations. These compressed gas items must be stored separately from each other by an insulated barrier. Many companies, including EcoSpill, provide these and many other safety cabinets to ensure the safety of your building and employees.

Others With Special Requirements

Materials that are chemically reactive should also be housed in safety cabinets designed for that purpose. Strong bases and acids should be stored separately from each other, and you can find containment options for each product.

Cutting tools and other sharp items should be stored safely, as well. You can use various items, such as wood or steel for storing them, but each item should be stored so it can be retrieved without getting hurt. Whether you choose hangers or allow the tool to lie flat on the shelf, it must be safe for employees to reach in and grab whatever they need.

Productivity can be increased because employees know where the items are that they need and know that it is safe to open the door and get the item. They can then go to their work area and use the tool or liquid efficiently and return it to its proper place. Like us on Facebook.

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