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How Occupational Therapists Can Assist Children

When most people think of occupational therapists, they think of work-related needs, such as finding a new job, getting a new promotion and the like. However, it isn’t about the job you have, which is why these counsellors can help children who are sick or disabled. This type of therapy is used to evaluate and treat both psychiatric and physical conditions using determined activities that can stop the disability or improve your daily function. It is offered to anyone of any age, including infants and children to help expand fine motor skills and cognitive skills. It can also help with visual-perceptual skills and sensory processing impairments.

Children with sensory, cognitive or physical disabilities may find it hard to perform daily tasks, such as putting on their shoes, getting dressed or brushing their teeth. Occupational therapists can work with these kids and teach them how to be more independent and able to help themselves more. If your child has a severe illness and can no longer play like they used to, the therapist may devise alternative games that can help your child feel more like normal.

Why It’s Needed

Most people think that occupational therapy is only for adults because children don’t hold jobs. However, your child’s job is to learn and play, which may not be possible after an illness or while having a disability. Therefore, the therapist can determine the skills of your child, performance with school and activities, and then devise a plan that allows them to learn and grow while still developing their abilities over time.


Any child that has difficulty doing regular activities can benefit from occupational therapists. For example, if your child has trouble tying their shoes, feeding themselves, writing, paying attention or anything else, they can benefit from seeing a therapist.