Why Flammable Cabinets Are Essential

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Environmental Consultant

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Many companies use flammables in their normal routines. They can be used to clean things or may be used to create and manufacture other products. The goal is to have them on hand when they’re needed, but you must also factor in storage concerns.

In most cases, they must be kept away from other products and may require their own cubby, for safety’s sake. Flammable cabinets allow you to keep these items for use but keep them away from others. If they were to spill or catch fire, you wouldn’t have to worry because damages would be minimal. Many regulations state that you must put your flammables in such a cabinet and ensure proper ventilation and security, as well.

When choosing flammable cabinets for the building, it is essential that you choose the best one. They should have 1.2mm steel double walls, electrostatic powder coat finishes, and dual vents for ventilation purposes. You should also consider versions with a latching door that self-closes. When people are in a rush, they may not shut the door entirely, which could cause leakage, damage, and fire. You may also want to focus on products with an adjustable shelf feature because then you can store a variety of flammables, no matter what their size.

At EcoSpill, you get the benefit of their expertise. They are a leading supplier of spill kits and other products that are designed to protect the environment. They are compliant with Australian Standards and usually exceed those standards, as well. You know you’re getting the best possible item because they focus on quality workmanship rather than mass production. Flammable cabinets are one of the best and easiest ways to keep flammables safe, as well as protect the building and employees, making them a necessity for many industries and businesses.

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