Floor Bunding: The Many Advantages

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

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Experience and research have shown that solvents and oils are highly dangerous if they spill. Even if just a small bit leaks out, it can create a variety of problems for the local fauna and flora, as well as be dangerous to the bodies of humans. Pollution has increased throughout the years because of spillage in the waters and on the land. Floor bunding is essential if you desire to protect yourself from significant fines and the knowledge that you have harmed the environment and everyone/thing in it.

Floor bunding is an excellent product because it can capture and contain the spillage. The product can be used in many applications, such as on shop floors. You can also put it around containers full of hazardous materials or chemicals. If the worst happened and the product leaked, it could go no further than the bunding, which is semi-permanently fixed in place. Of course, if too much liquid leaks, it could overflow the top of the bund, but it is up to you to make sure that the bund is set up around the perimeter in such a way that if all liquid spilled, it would still be contained safely and quickly.

EcoSpill offers floor bunding to its clients, which provides a containment area that isolates chemicals and oils while they are being stored. It is tough enough so that heavy wheels can go over it without compromising on the ability to stop leaks. It is made of UV stable urethane and is called DuraBund. It was designed to withstand workshop traffic, so forklifts, trucks, and cars can drive over it. The product is designed not to split, crack, chip, or lift. You can also choose between flexible and rigid products, ensuring that you can find something to fit your particular needs in a variety of areas onsite.

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