Designs and Styles for Your Frameless Shower Screens

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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When it comes to shower screens, there is often a major question to consider. Should you get a framed, or frameless, shower screen? Frameless shower screens are an easy way to add a unique look to your shower, while still being able to provide excellent functionality. Frameless shower screens also double as a way to define a space more easily, keeping your shower area separate from the rest of your bathroom.

Different Types of Shower Screens and Enclosures

A wide variety of stylish frameless shower screens exist, and there are many options to consider when shopping around.

A standard frameless glass shower enclosure is a traditional, and beautiful way to showcase your shower space. The options as far as materials and colours for the closure materials itself are plentiful, as you have complete creative control about the material you want to enclose your shower.

A thick, glass box shower enclosure is a solid way to make your shower standout. Easily allowing for customisation, these glass boxes can come in many different shapes, degrees of thickness, and colours. They also eliminate the need for a door, and add an instant look of glamour uniqueness to your bathroom.

A sliding enclosure is a perfect way to showcase the aspects of your shower, while still being able to enjoy the security of a door. The sliding single panel allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, but it also provides guaranteed clearance space for getting in and out of the shower.

Creativity and Thinking Outside the Box

Frameless class enclosures aren’t just for showers, as adding one to your tub can provide instant privacy while giving your tub and bathroom a whole new look. You can also get creative with how many panels you use when you decide to feature a frameless shower screen. An example would be placing two connected panels in the middle of a shower space, leaving either end to be open and used as an entrance or exit.

Making the decision to partially or fully frost the glass can add a stylish look while also allowing for varying degrees of privacy.

With this use of creativity, you could essentially design your shower space to look any way that you’d like, with however many entrances and exits. Of course, glass thickness, type of glass, colour, door handles, etc. are all aspects of deciding to use stylish frameless shower screens. All of these decisions can easily help you to build a shower and bathroom that is completely your own.

If you’re ready to move forward, or if you have any questions regarding stylish frameless shower screens, go to or call them at 07-5603-7700.

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