Advantages Of Boom Spray Technology

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Spraying Equipment

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Pesticides, fertiliser and many other products are applied using sprayers because the application is more uniform and quicker. However, you’ll find seemingly endless sizes and types available, making it hard to determine which is most suitable for you. Whether you need high-pressure or high volume, you’ll find many products to help.

Plus, you can also use multiple nozzles that are linked by pipes or tubes to form a boom spray technique. This technology isn’t new, but more and more people are utilising it to allow them to spray multiple sections at once.

Low-pressure boom spray options use sprayers mounted on trailers, trucks or tractors. They work well to spray crops or large areas of land, using the swatch method of applying pesticides. These sprayers use lower volumes of diluted product to ensure that no one crop gets too much. The sprays usually go in 45 to 180 litres per each acre and are applied between 30 and 60 PSI. Usually, these booms have a tank, pump, agitation system, boom system, and control valves for the flow. These sprayers are usually inexpensive and lightweight, making them perfect for trailers and other transport systems.

At Tank Management Systems, they have a variety of products designed with you in mind. You’ll find everything you need, including tanks, mounting systems, trailers, and more. You can also find boomless kits that allow you to create a boom system without one, ensuring that you can complete any task on the farm. Since they have been in business for 25 years, they know what their customers want and help a variety of industry leaders focus on the task at hand instead of working harder or hiring more people. Boom spray technology is one of the things you should familiarise yourself with so that you can work quickly and complete almost any application.

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