Boom Spray: What Is It?

by | May 29, 2018 | Spraying Equipment

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A boom spray, sometimes called a sprayer, is attached to a vehicle and allows you to spray while travelling forward. Plus, you can adjust the height, allowing it to spray high or low. The product should be made of polyethylene or steel, and you can find a variety of sizes, systems, and designs available, which means you can find something suitable for any application. For example, you can find attachable and folding booms for ATVs, guarded booms for quad bikes or hydraulic agile booms for tractors.

When choosing a boom spray, it’s essential that you find a product and manufacturer that includes all the accessories you need and use the highest quality materials. The purpose of these sprayers is to allow you more control over the spraying, so it makes sense that you can use low-drift nozzles to make sure spraying only happens in the area you need. This is essential for use with chemicals or fertilisers.

They are designed to spray effectively in windy conditions, as well. However, you can also choose non-drip nozzles to prevent liquids from coming out after you’ve stopped spraying, which can prevent waste of the spraying liquid. Many people choose to purchase a variety of nozzles so that they’re set for any application need.

Tank Management Services has been in the industry for 25 years. Their services and products can be utilised by anyone, regardless of their industry. They ensure that all industry standards are met or exceeded, so you can have peace of mind knowing that these products are safe to use at your worksite. They’ve got a variety of boom spray options, from kits to create boomless nozzles to shrouded booms to prevent spray from coming back or hitting people walking by. No matter what you require, they can help you find it.

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