Add Life to Your Event with Marquee Hire

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Business

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A wedding, a product launch, an anniversary, an important meeting with your work colleagues – there are so many reasons to host an event inside a marquee! In fact, so popular is marquee hire that for a lot of people who host get-togethers, this type of transportable venue is fast becoming the number one choice over buildings, halls and typical brick-and-mortar venues. What makes these tents from Harts Party Hire so appealing isn’t just the variation of sizes on offer but also, the way in which they can be embellished to suit your taste and accommodate the needs of guests. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can transform a blank canvas into an eye-popping event setting, shall we?

Carpets, Tables and Chairs

Usually, a marquee will be set up on grass or concrete surfaces. If your guests will be wearing heeled shoes or shiny black footwear for an upscale event, you wouldn’t want them to get their shoes dirty, would you? Carpets can be hired and rolled along the entryway to the marquee, as well as positioned inside. Tables and chairs should be adequate for the number of guests you invite and they should be facing the focal point, whether it’s a stage or projector screen.

Minor Decorative Enhancements

Create maximum impact when you pay for marquee hire by using roof swags, balloons, flower arrangements and linings to add a splash of colour to the tent, which will usually be white. Extra height can be created if you select lighting carefully and face it in an upward direction. You can also draw guest’s eyes upwards if you hang decorations from the ceiling, whether it is a cluster of small fairy lights or paper butterflies. Introducing an inflatable igloo with a built-in bar will also add a new dimension to the event space.

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