The importance of a small kitchen makeover

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Home Improvement Services

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Knowing the importance of the kitchen in any home it is easy to understand why cost effective design makeovers for small kitchens takes on even more consequence. The kitchen must, above all else be functional; cooking, serving and maintaining cleanliness is difficult in smaller spaces. All kitchen makeovers begin the same, make a scale drawing of the room, plot the location of the non-moveable appliances and identify the trouble spots. Look for areas that are not being fully utilised, look for places where improvements can be made quickly and easily.

The key to any kitchen makeover, even more so with a small kitchen is the effective utilisation of space. Small kitchens invariably do not have any counter space to spare, this being the case then it becomes all that much more urgent to find places other than the top to store small kitchen appliances, glassware, dishware, pots and pans, etc. Try to identify places that have the potential for effective storage spaces; think of how you could use the space above the sink to hang pots and pans as a good example of effective space planning. A great cost effective design makeover for kitchens is to identify the ease of use of your existing cabinets; if you have small cabinets in your kitchen, so small that getting plates and serving dishes in them is difficult, consider replacing two small cabinets with one larger cabinet with wider doors, the space will be the same but it will be useable space.

If it is impossible to make more room in the kitchen then you have to turn to “magic” but making the illusion of a bigger room. If you have several small cabinets in your kitchen this alone gives the space a feeling of claustrophobia. Consider replacing small cabinets, each with their own door with fewer but larger doors. If the kitchen is so small that there is insufficient room to swing open larger doors then consider a pantry that rolls straight out, this arrangement allows easy access to the deepest recesses of the cabinet.

There are numerous cost effective design makeovers for small kitchens that have nothing to do with function, they have everything to do with aesthetics. The effective use of light can give the impression of open space, a bright room, especially when the light is natural, makes the room feel less like a cave. Artificial light sources can be very effective when used creatively to light useful spaces not served by light from the window.

There are many cost effective design makeovers for kitchens starting with the kitchen cabinets. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, Business Name can supply you with a wide range of exciting and beautiful kitchens.

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