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Electric Water Heater In Ipswich QLD

If you’re looking to replace your water heater, you have a variety of options. Most people still like the traditional ‘tank’ style option. It works by having the cold water enter from the bottom of the tank, heating the water to a pre-set temperature, and having it at the ready when you need it most. You can find an electric water heater in Ipswich QLD that works like that, and it can be highly beneficial.

For one, an electric water heater in Ipswich QLD is usually more efficient than a gas version because the gas heater usually has a continuously-burning pilot light, which wastes unnecessary energy and natural gas. Some on-demand water heaters that use gas allow you to turn off the pilot light when it’s not being used, but that means you must remember to turn it on again when you decide to use hot water. Along with such, electric water heaters don’t have a pilot light at all, which means they use less energy and don’t require as much supervision. However, they can offer a slower flow rate, which means that if you need a lot of hot water throughout the day, you may run out before you’re finished. To combat this, you can install more than one electric water heater in the home.

Ipswich Hot Water is family-owned and operated and has a variety of hot water specialists on hand to help you. You can find a range of products to suit all of your needs, and you can also find the most suitable electric water heater in Ipswich QLD. If you require help to select the right product, you can call on the friendly staff who can help you make the right decision. You also receive same-day service; emergency plumbers are on call to help you connect and install a new system until you can replace/repair yours.