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Double Laundry Tubs: What They Are

If you’ve never heard of them before, double laundry tubs are just sinks that are used for the laundry room. It includes two basins and usually has a swivelling faucet so that you can turn it one way to fill it with soapy water and then turn it the other way to rinse. Most people wonder if they need a double sink in the laundry room and think a single one is best, but double-sinks can be highly beneficial. For one, you can hand wash your clothes on one side while washing your hands or pre-treating other items for the washing machine in the other.

Double laundry tubs come in a variety of styles. Primarily, you can choose just the tub, which is designed to be set into a counter or between the gap between counters. It can also be inset, which means it meshes with the counter or current cabinet. You can also find a tub style that includes a metal cabinet beneath. That way, you can still get some storage space without having to install shelves or cabinets in the space, as well. Regardless of the type you choose, you’ll find that both basins are spacious enough to fit a variety of clothes to hand-wash or pre-treat.

Mr Sink has a variety of products for the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and more. If you’re looking for double laundry tubs, you will find two choices. Of course, a popular choice is to use the laundry tub with cabinet, giving you ample space to wash clothes by hand, wash your hands, and so much more, as well as storing your supplies when you aren’t using them. Of course, you can also choose just the tub if you already have a cabinet or want to fit it into the countertop; either way, you have many options available.