Corrosive Storage Cabinets: Their Uses

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

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Chemicals are widely used in a variety of industries, which means you need a way to keep them safe when they’re not being used. Traditional open shelves or regular cabinetry isn’t appropriate because they can easily be knocked over. Along with such, the fumes can be overpowering and could cause combustion if the cabinet isn’t properly vented.

Corrosive storage cabinets reduce your risk of injury or fire because they have everything you need to keep the items safe. You can also use multiple cabinetry items to organise and isolate products based on their design or ingredients.

When you purchase corrosive storage cabinets, you should ensure that they are in line with Australian Standards. You may need to rearrange your workspace so that the cabinet can be near to the area in which people will need it. However, you should also make sure that it can’t easily be knocked over by moving machinery. Similarly, the cabinet itself is designed to be used inside the building, so you shouldn’t plan to store the corrosives out amongst the elements.

At EcoSpill, they realise that employee and property safety is essential. Many industries work with a variety of hazardous materials, and leaks/spills are prevalent. They not only have cabinet options to keep the liquids safe, but they also have spill kits that are designed to clean up anything, even mercury (if you choose a specialty kit). They also have floor bunding to contain spills, as well as containment booms, eyewashes, and more. Once you’ve chosen your products, they can help you learn how to use them and the best place to keep them. For example, corrosive storage cabinets should be inside and shouldn’t be near to open flames/sparks of electricity. Along with such, they should close automatically to prevent accidents.

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