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3 Unmissable Sights to Read About on Flights to Vietnam

Vietnam is a glorious country to visit. It is certainly exciting to look out over the country as we approach it on one of many flights to Vietnam.Could we imagine what may lie ahead for us down there?

There are many fascinating facts we can learn about Vietnam. We can certainly learn more by reading about these attractions on flights to Vietnam. Could these make it onto our list of places to visit

Bin Chau Hot Springs

We can see steam rising from the famous hot springs as we approach. Found in the middle of a forested area, the springs are hot enough to boil eggs. Wooden planks are laid over the springs, enabling us to walk between them and feel the heat.

Hang Son Doong

Might we wish to visit the biggest cave in the world? If this appeals to us, we can visit the Son Doong Cave. We can find it in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, itself worthy of a visit if we have time. Depending on our flight path, we may glimpse the park from flights to Vietnam. Yet the best discovery is that which lies beneath the earth, complete with its own underground river system.

The Forbidden Purple City

Not the famous Forbidden City of Beijing, but the Purple version in Vietnam. Located in Hue, the Forbidden Purple City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Offering tombs, monuments, and much more for us to discover, it is a citadel or walled city. No matter the words that might come to mind as we explore this city, we can be sure it holds many secrets.

Planning a trip to Vietnam is worthwhile for us. Will we manage to fit these three destinations onto our itinerary while we are there?