Home Automation Technology: How It Can Benefit Our Lives

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Business

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An automated home once seemed like something out of a futuristic cartoon show, or a science fiction novel. Now, it’s a readily available reality; one that is easy to implement and carries with it a ton of benefits. Some people have been reluctant to automate their homes, worried about the cost, or that the technology will be difficult to adapt. Thankfully, these fears couldn’t be further from the truth. The technology used to automate your home can be used as easy as any app on your smartphone, and the benefits to our everyday lives that automation can provide are numerous. Here are just a few ways home automation can benefit homeowners across the country.

Maximise Comfort

With the touch of a button you can easily and quickly change the temperature in your home. You can turn the heat down during the day, when no one will be home, and just before leaving work turn it back up, ensuring that you and your family come home to a warm and welcoming home. You can also easily preheat your oven, ensure that there is adequate lighting for the time of day you expect to arrive, and even open the garage door, all from your smartphone. This makes coming home the comfortable, enjoyable experience it should be.

Increase Safety

Home automation can also contribute to the overall safety of you, your home, and your family. It’s easy to connect a variety of different appliances to your home automation system, so if you are worried about whether or not you turned off the oven before heading out for the night, it’s no big deal to double check using your phone. You can also monitor your home and surrounding area by the use of CCTV, allowing you to ensure that the kids, and their sitter, are safe in your absence.

Save Money

Because you can turn on your heating, air conditioner, and lighting with the touch of a button when you need the functioning, you can leave them off, or at a lower setting, when you’re not home. The energy savings are sure to add up, helping to save you money, and the environment, through the installation of such a system. Contact Instinct to learn more about the ultimate savings.

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