High-Pressure Cleaner For Sale In Sydney

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Cleaning Products Supplier

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High-pressure washers are available with multiple application types with various options. General cleaning will usually only require cold water, whereas hot water will work best for cleaning oily or greasy substances and residue. Pressure washers are available in electric and petrol power sources. If the cleaner is going to be used outdoors or for intensive heavy-duty applications, petrol might be the better option for you. Less intensive cleaning and indoor usage can see great results with 240v electric powered models. 415v powered pressure cleaners are also available for increased performance or demanding cleaning applications.

Water flow and pressure are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a suitable model. For set-in dirt and stains high water pressure is usually required, while more water flow is suitable for carrying away large or thick volumes of soiling such as mud or grease build-up.

Capital Equipment Hire provides a variety of professional cleaning equipment solutions to maintain a safe and clean workplace across all industries. This company prides themselves heavily on their after-sale service and support, and has a variety of High-Pressure Cleaners For Sale In Sydney to choose from including stationary models, petrol, electric, and cold/hot water varieties. They listen to your needs and requirements, and can provide a recommendation on a washer suitable for your situation. Contact them today on 1300 799 312 or sales@capitalequipment.com.au.

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