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Aluminium Bifold Doors – Modern Design Features

Just because bifold doors date back to the Roman times, this does not mean that they will take away from the modern style of your property. In fact, you could instantly modernise the home if you hire someone with relevant experience to install aluminium bifold doors. Manufactured with a folding mechanism that takes up less space than typical doors, bifold products are known for standing test of time, even when they aren’t maintained all that often. Aluminium is a good metal choice for these doors, due to the fact it is lightweight and long-lasting. Add some security features into the mix and you can welcome floods of sunlight, whilst increasing the field of vision outdoors and enhancing overall safety.

The Benefits of Aluminum

So, you probably know that aluminium is a precious metal, but do you know much more about this type of metal? Not only is it a preferred material choice for the construction of aluminium bifold doors and their safety features but also, aluminium is a building material used to make cars, jewellery and many other things. It can be recycled time and time again, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment when you pay an expert to fit aluminium doors. With its reflective coating, it is also four times more insulating than other door materials, like UPVC.

Choosing a Locking Mechanism

When you have had the initial discussion with a professional door builder and fitter about what aluminium bifold doors appeal to you and what size would be best, you can move onto the safety aspect of things. A locking mechanism should be attached to the door, so as to prevent intruders. Examples of locking mechanisms that you can get fixed to a door that opens along a guidance rail and offers a wider field of vision include side locking bars, extra strong hinges and padlocks. If the doors are being used in an environment where a lot of people pass through (such as in a business environment), opt for a locking mechanism with fingerprint detection or a key code.

Glass Tinting and Strengthening

Tinted windows always look better than normal windows, so why not ask the fitters of aluminium bifold doors if they can tint and strengthen the glass panels? Tinting is usually completed by applying layers of thin film on top of the glass, which will not only add to the appearance of your new doors but also, that will strengthen the doors and reduce UV glare.

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